Batch mixers VS Continuous Mixers
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Batch mixers VS Continuous Mixers

Batch mixers VS Continuous Mixers

According to working principle, concrete mixers can be divided into batch mixers and Continuous Mixers producing concrete for construction projects.

The features of batch mixers
Can be divided into drum mixers and pan mixers
Produces concrete on batch at a time
Needs to be emptied completely after each mixing cycle, cleaned( if possible), and reloaded with the materials for the next batch of concrete
Two main types of batch mixer can be distinguished by the orientation of the axis of rotation: horizontal or inclined mixers or vertical mixers
The drum mixers have a drum, with fixed blades, rotating around its axis, while the pan mixers may have either the blades or the pan rotating around the axis.

The features of Continuous Mixers
Produces concrete at a constant time
The constituents are continuously entered at one end as the fresh concrete exits the other end
The materials are continuously fed into the mixer at the same rate as the concrete is discharged
They are usually non-tilting drums with screw-type blades rotating in the middle of the drum. The drum is tilted downward toward the discharge opening. The mixing time is etermined by the slope of the drum (usually about 15°)
These mixers are used for applications that require a short working time, long unloading time, remote sites (not suitable for ready-mix) and/or small deliveries.
A major use of these types of mixers is for low slump concretes (e.g., pavements).
Due to the short mixing time, the air content is not easily controlled even with the addition of air entraining admixtures

Batch mixers VS Continuous Mixers have differences and commons for applications and productions for construction projects. They can be used in same projects or others.


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