Pan mixers
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Pan mixers

Pan mixers

Pan mixers are concrete mixers or batch mixers widely suitable for concrete batching plant or as a single mixer, designed in pan form mixing any types of concrete equipment.

Pan mixers working principle
All pan mixers work on basically the same principle: a cylindrical pan (fixed or rotating) contains the concrete to be mixed, while one or two sets of blades rotate inside the pan to mix the materials and a blade scrapes the wall of the pan. The shapes of the blades and the axes of rotation vary. Figure 1 shows the different combinations of blade configurations and pan. The other element of the mixer is the scraper. Sometimes the axis of rotation of the blades coincides with the pan axis (single paddle mixer, Fig. 1a and b). Other pan mixers have the axis offset [planetary motion mixer and counter-current motion (Fig. 1d and e)]. In these cases (Fig.1d and e), there are two rotations: the blades rotate around their axes and around the axis of the pan (arrow 2 in Fig. 1d and e). The other possibility is to have two shafts that rotate in a synchronized manner [dual shaft (Fig. 1c)]. This is a blade that is suspended at an angle near the inner wall of the pan. Its role is to scrape the concrete that tends to stagnate near the wall of the pan from the wall and to push it inward so that it encounters the rotating blades. If the pan is rotating, the scraper can simply be fixed, i.e., suspended near the wall of the pan and not moving. If the pan is fixed, the scraper must move to push concrete toward the blades. Usually the individual moving parts, i.e., the blades, the pan, and the scraper, are independently powered. To discharge the mixer, the pan is usually emptied through a trap on the bottom. For small mixers (less than 20 L or 0.02 m 3 ), the blades are lifted and the pan can be removed to empty the mixer.

Pan mixers are concrete equipment used to mix concrete materials, which is made from iron, steel or plastic. DASION produces high quality and competitive price concrete mixers.


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