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HZS Belt type Concrete Batching Plant

HZS Belt type Concrete Batching Plant

HZS Belt type concrete batching plant consists of material batching, mixing and electric control system, etc, which produce high quality concrete because of more accurate material measurement.They are widely used in big and medium construction projects, road, bridge project, and concrete prefabrication factory.

Technical features of Belt type Concrete Batching Plant:
1.Driving system of concrete mixer adopts planetary gear, the gimbals transmission shaft insures circumgyrate at the same speed.
2.With its modularization structure, it is easy to transport, install and debug more quickly. It has various of foundation form to ensure accommodate different work-site. Structural members are durable.
3.Mixing system choose YJS (or Italian SICOMA) twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which has high efficiency and good mixing quality, scale board and mixing blades adopts high-rigidity and high tenacity wearable alloy steel, to prolong the working life. It can well mix dry concrete, semi-dry concrete, plastic concrete (etc) in certain time.
4.Scale components of measurement system are all from famous brand, computer controlled to ensure the weighing accurate and reliable performance, so that it can also meet the requirement of every high performance good concrete.
5.Aggregate feeding system adopts Belt Conveyor, can be assembled rainproof and tighten device for belt. Aggregate lifting appliance adopts frequency control, thus providing smooth and reliable operation.
6.Lubrication system adopts advanced centralized oil lubricating system, convenient for oil supplying, this system is equipped with overvoltage warning and low oil level warning, safe and reliable.
7.PC+PLC control system ensures the high simple and reliability, human-based intelligent control facilitates the continuously producing, but with dynamic display panel to make the operator clearly know the operation of each part. Abnormal operation and fault automatic detection, using text, sound, light, alarm, convenient maintenance and troubleshooting. The system can print the report at any time.
8.Assemble sidewalk and ladders for every maintenance and service part, assemble high-pressure water flushing device for concrete mixer clean, good maintainability.
9.All of powder material is feeding, batching, unloading, mixing in closed space., reduce the pollution to environment. Assemble dust-remover in main mixing building, and also pack the mixing building and belt conveyor.

Working principle of Belt type Concrete Batching Plant:
Concrete batching plant has 4 main parts: Material feeding, Material measurement, Concrete mixing and whole plant control system.
The working procedure of automatic control system is:
1.Turn on control software, login to operation interface;
2.Set or access working parameters of concrete production, such as recipe number, concrete grade, slump, total production volume, etc.
3.Start production;
4.The software/PLC will give signal to each part of the plant, to finish the material feeding, measurement, loading into the concrete mixer, mixing and discharging;
5.If there are some problems during production, the software will detect the error and light up alarm lamp on computer screen or indicator display, so that the operator can stop the production till problems solved.
6.Regarding to the material feeding, the various of electric motors, butterfly valves and load cells will work automatically according to digital signal;
7.High-pressure air system will provide enough driving force for each unloading gates, such as aggregate bins, butterfly valve of scale hoppers, concrete mixer discharging gate, etc.
8.The software will control the whole system continuously produce concrete till the set-volume finished production, unless emergency stop or turn to Manual style.

Technical Parameters

Model HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS150/180 HZS200/240
Capacity 60m3/h 90m3/h 120m3/h 180m3/h 240m3/h
Mixing system Twin-shaft concrete mixer
Aggregate feeder Belt conveyor
Discharging height 3800mm 3800mm 3900mm 4000mm 4000mm
After-sale service Erection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty 12 months after erection
Concrete mixer YJS1000/ SICOMA 1000 YJS1500/ SICOMA1500 YJS2000/ SICOMA 2000 YJS3000/ SICOMA 3000 YJS4000/ SICOMA 4000
Mixing cycle ≦60s ≦60s ≦60s ≦60s ≦60s
Aggregate batching machine PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800 PLD4800
Weighing system Water, Cement, Fly-ash, Additive
Weighing precision ±1%
Air system Air compressor, etc
Control system Type Computer auto-controlmodule with PLC
Control panel board Buttons, lamps, indicators, CCTV, etc
Electric components China CHINT, German SCHNEIDER
Control room With Air conditioner, ≈10m2
Documentation Foundation layout, Electrical diagram, Operation manual, Spare parts list
Optional Items
Screw conveyor diameter & length Ø219mm/273mm/323mm, L=8000mm/9000mm
Cement silo capacity 30t/50t/100t/200t
Outer plant pack except aggregate bins With dust collector


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