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Concrete plant optional parts

Concrete plant optional parts

Concrete plant optional parts include cement silo, screw conveyor, PLD aggregate batching machine, electric control system, these parts are chosen according to customers' requirement. We provide concrete batching plant and these parts.

Brief Introduction of Cement Silo
Cement silo is closed warehouse for store up powder material such as cement, fly-ash, foodstuff, etc. The silo is assembled with material level indicator to know how much inner material left, also assembled with pneumatic air brake system at the silo bottom, to avoid material blocking and discharging non-smoothly because of the gravity.
DASION plated cement silo, which is also called Separated cement silo or Sectionalsilo, is specially designed for long-term transportation, such as ocean shipping, railway transportation, etc. The series of silo can be easily loaded into containers, which can save much space and freight charge

Main Features and Characteristics of Screw Conveyor
1. Adopt high-quality steel pipe with good integral rigidity.
2. Double pitches or three pitches design, which decrease the compression degree of material when being transported, and avoid blocking.
3. Adopt specially designed reducer for screw conveyor only, Hard finishing, level-one shifting, involute helical tooth, Stable transmission, low noise, large torque, suitable for bad environment work.
4. Adopt optional universal ball joint, which facilitates installation, adjustment and steering.
5. Inlet equipped with high-quality middle-hoisting bearing and tail bearing.
6. Sufficient spare parts with complete specification.
7. Large stock for common diameter of 168、219、273、323and 407,and dimension & angle can be customized according to your requirement.
8. Assembled by standard parts and components, which makes it convenient for transportation.

PLD series aggregate batching machine is ingredient machinery, which applies to construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects. They can work with concrete mixers which discharging volume is below 6000L. The scaled aggregate can be fed directly into the concrete mixer by lifting hopper or conveyor belt. Aggregate batching machine weighing system uses weight control devices and sensors, can be quantified materials, ingredients and control, and automatically modify the gap.

The control system is consisted of industrial PC, electric batching scale, operation console and high voltage cabinet. The characteristics are software and hard ware integration, good anti-interference ability, steady and reliable working and high batching precision. The system adopts menu selection, which ensures the simple and convenient operation. The system can also monitor and manage the material feeding, batching and mixing process during the production course and it is the optimal choice to improve the batching precision, improve the production management, ensure the equipment safety and increase the economic benefit.


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