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JS twin shaft mixer

JS twin shaft mixer

JS double shaft concrete mixer also known as twin shaft mixers available in the concrete mixing plants or Suited for cost-efficient installations in existing mixing plants, and can provide uniform or homogeneous mixing within a short period of time as well as ongoing economical production for construction projects.

As one of professional concrete mixer manufacturer in China, DASION adopts latest mixing technology and serious scientific method for twin shaft mixers and has complete products line for concrete mixers.

The features of JS double shaft concrete mixers
◆ Driven by robust electric motors, toothed belt drive and bevel gear
◆ Forced type concrete mixer, mixing system features that the intensive mixing action results from the axial and radial movement of the well proved mixing spirals
◆ The drive system can be driven by fuel, and Central greasing device with grease flow control
◆ Mixing tank consists of two horizontal semi-arc vat
◆ Belts and chain drivers with rotating parts is main important for double shaft concrete mixer. First gear ratio via efficient toothed belt drive. Electronic toothed belt survey.
◆ Designed with interlocking systems to protect the mixer access
◆ In mixing process, operator should observed through an opening flap protected against accidental
◆ contact(or large cleaning opening gates)
◆ JS twin shaft mixer can be used in batching plants or only a mixer, can be also used with tower hoist and hopper system.

JS double shaft concrete mixer structure
◆ Weighters, aeration filters
◆ Rotating paddles inside the drum
◆ screwless interlocking tiles in Mixer trough lining
◆ Installed with cleaning nozzles
◆ Mixing system, drive system
◆ Discharge gate or door
◆ Twin dismantling bearings
◆ Hydraulic operated hopper
◆ Draw bar with turn table on the front axle
◆ Electric motor, support frame etc.
◆ Screwless interlocking tiles

DASION adopts compact design for twin shaft mixer, provide high performance and self-compacting concrete. And this type mixer Concrete discharge capacity is designed in accordance with mixing vat dimensions. The quality of concrete also is affected by concrete mix.The application is similarly to concrete truck mixer or used in concrete batching plant.

Compared with Single shaft compulsory mixer, double shaft concrete mixer is well proved in the single-shaft mixer, which adopts double spiral design.

Except JS double shaft concrete mixer, or YJS dual-axial concrete mixers all should do exhaustive tests. After mixing concrete productions, all mixers should clean opening gates.

JS twin shaft mixer main technical specifications:

Model JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1000B JS1500 JS1500B
Discharge capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1000 1500 1500
Feeding capacity(L) 800 1200 1600 1600 2400 2400
Max. production rate 25m³/h 35m³/h 50m³/h 60m³/h 75m³/h 90m³/h
Maximum aggregate size (pebble/gravel) 80mm/60mm 80mm/60mm 80mm/60mm 80mm/60mm 80mm/60mm 80mm/60mm
Mixing circle 72s 72s 72s 60s 72s 60s
Mixing blade Rational speed 35r/min 31r/min 25.5r/min 30r/min 25.5r/min 30r/min
Quantity 2×7 2×7 2×8 2×8 2×8 2×8
Mixing motor Type Y180M-4 Y200L-4 Y225S-4 Y180M-4 Y225M-4 Y200L-4
Power (kw) 18.5 30 37 2×18.5 2x22 2x30
Hoist motor Type YEZ1325-4-B5 YEZ132M-4-B5 YEZ160S-4 YEZ160S-4 YEZ180L-4 YEZ180L-4
Power (kw) 5.5 7.5 15 15 18.5 18.5
Pump motor Type 50DWB20-8A 65DWB35-5 KQW65-100I KQW65-100I KQW65-100I KQW65-100I
Power (kw) 0.75 1.1 3 3 3 3
Dimension Transporting Status(mm) 3050*2300*2680 3650*2300*2890 4640*2350*2450 4860*2750*2450 5058*2350*2550 5358*2350*2550
Working status(mm) 4461*3050*5225 4951*3650*6225 8765*3436*9540 8765*3636*9740 9645*3736*9700 9645*3736*9910
Total weight(kg) 4000 5500 8700 9200 11130 11750
Discharge height(mm) 1500/2700/3800 1500/2700/3800 2700/3800 3800 3800 3800


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